EMI Filters


EMI-RFI Filters are passive electronic devices provides the most diversified line of radio frequency interference suppression, electromagnetic compatibility in the industry. MIRACLE filters control electromagnetic interference produced by electronic devices as computers, radio transmitters, receiver and such electrical equipment as motors, generators and switches etc.

EMI-RFI filters works by presenting high resistance to higher frequency signals like low pass filter results in the restriction to higher frequency signals effectively shorting it in to ground. The final result of the EMI filter is that it reduces and reduces and attenuates un wanted signal strength and having minimum effect on the other components.

There are different types of EMI filters are RFI EMI, Power line, IEC INLET, Single Phase, Military, Aerospace, Medical, Telecom, High current, Power line and custom build Etc.

Operating Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
Ambient temperature: 40˚C
Climatic Category: 25/85/21
Hipot: 2.2KVDC
Terminals:   QD= Quick disconnect, 6.35x0.8
S= Stud, M5, M6, M8, M10, Etc., W= Wires


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