Medical Isolation Transformers


Miracle introduces International standard Box Series Medical Grade Isolation Transformers with very low noise and minimal Electro-Magnetic Radiation. These Transformers are available in different models in aesthetic enclosures suitable for floor or wall mountable type.

Miracle Isolation Transformers offer reinforced safety when using in electronic devices or even for electro medical equipments. Our safety standards are well within the recommended standards in compliance as stipulated by National Electrical Code and as per Underwriters Laboratories safety standards.

Miracle manufactures a wide range of transformers for the medical industry. These can be supplied as either a standalone unit or for assembly in customer's equipment.

We have models available for both international standards at 115V/60 Hz and for domestic usage at 230/50 Hz.

The main transformer is of Toroidal type which we produce in-house and it is one of the most advantageous as compared with other type of transformers mainly it is very efficient, small in size, low noise, low in Electro Magnetic Interference which in turn enhances the performance of the electronic and other electro medical equipments.

Miracle adhers to to the following regulations under UL 60601-1 standard:

  • Minimum enclosure leakage current
  • Maximum High voltage test between windings
  • Excellent creepage distance
  • Excellent air clearance
  • Minimum temperature rise at load
  • Limited maximum earth leakage current

We can offer a wide range of products that can be easily configured. We can provide the required cable assembly, enclosures, and circuitry designs as per your requirements.

These transformers are mainly used in computers, Audio/Video monitors, closed circuit surveillance cameras, test and measuring instruments, digital printers, and hospitals and in other electronic/electro medical equipments.

Isolation Transformer Specifications


General Specifications
VA 300 VA 600 VA 1000 VA 1500 VA 2000 VA
IEC Outlets 3 way 6 way 9 way 9 way 9 way
Inrush current limiting Yes
Thermal circuit breaker  Yes
Output’s with fuse safety Yes
Dimension  310 mm L  x 235mm W  x 115mm  H 310 mm L x 235mm W x 130 mm H
Weight in Kg 5.75 7.93 10.49 14.13 16.2
Electrical Specifications
Input Rating 220/230 V@50/60 Hz (Optional : 115/120 V@ 60 Hz)
Output rating 220/230 V@50/60 Hz (Optional : 115/120 V@ 60 Hz)
Regulation < 4%
Temperature rise < 40% 
Leakage current 115/120 V or 220/230 V @ respective VA
Input filter Medical low leakage < 5µA of rating 4A
Input fuses Yes
IEC inlet fuse for each line Yes
Medical filter on input side Yes
Line Filter Standard  Line Filter Standard Medical Version, IEC 60939, UL 1283, CSA C22.2 no. 8



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