Miracle Solar Street Light


Solar Street LED Lighting Systems are standalone systems that provide reliable outdoor lighting for campuses, roads, villages, open spaces.

Features of LED Street Lighting System


  • LED Lights have 50-80% less energy consumption
  • Long life, up to 80,000 to 1,00,000 hours.
  • No replacement for 10 years.
  • Contain no mercury, unlike fluorescent bulbs.
  • Labour savings due to longer replacement intervals.
  • Upfront investment translates into significant long term savings
  • Natural color results in more pleasant environment.
  • Instant starting
  • Free of ultraviolet radiation
  • Can be design for customer requirement.



  Advantages of LED Lighting: 


  • LED lighting consumes 60-70% less power.
  • LED emits more light per watt as compared to any other lamp.
  • LED being solid state, can withstand vibrations & impact resistant and work efficiently in magnetic radiation generating area also.
  • LED can withstand maximum on-off cycles.
  • LED is Dimmable.
  • LED is green and environment friendly, no lead, no mercury, no environmental pollution.
  • LED has no filament or glass shell which reduces risk of harm.
  • LED light can deliver narrow beam or wide beam-any degree.
  • LED will be safe even if the circuit is broken.
  • Unique distribution of light from LED will not allow light out of request area.
  • LED light can be beamed, spread or focused in any of the desired area with total control, thus light pollution and glare can be controlled.
  • LED is without Ultra violet and infra-red radiation.
  • LED is available with multi-color temperature options for various applications delivering more comfort.
  • LED is best light source to work efficiently with Solar / Wind energy.




Item Specification

Model1 Model2
Luminaire Power Consumption
11W 15W
Lux Level                                                                            15Lux
Type of LED CREE
Power of each LED Between 1 and2WattperLED
Efficiencyof each LED Minimum 110 lumens/ watt
Colour Temperature of LED  5,500-6,500 K
 LED Beam/Viewing Angle 120°
LED Mount Aluminumdye-cast body fixture
Life of LED 80000~100000 hrs
Luminaireefficiency Minimum100lumens/ watt
Luminaireingress protection IP65
Efficiencyof LED Driver Minimum85%
LED input current regulation Lessthan3%
LED Driver  Protection OvervoltageandUnder voltage
Photovoltaic Module Capacity

Min. 74Wp

(for 11W LED Luminaire)


(for 15W LED Luminaire)

Type Poly-or Mono-crystalline
Charge Controller SystemVoltage 12V
Charge Controller Efficiency Greater than85%
Charge Controller Features
  • CurrentCompensated Load Disconnection
  • AutomaticLoad Reconnection
  • Temperature Compensation
  • AutomaticDetectionof Voltage
  • VoltageRegulation
  • Overcharge Protection
  • DeepDischarge Protection
  • Reversecurrent protectionat night
  • Overvoltageprotectionat PVModule
  • Battery OvervoltageShutdown
  • AutomaticElectronicFuse


 BatteryCapacity  Min. 75 AH  Min. 100 AH


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