Seabird Emergency LED Light


Penguins are one of the most attractive and beautiful birds in built on the world. This Product is the principle that one feels the true presence of this unique creature. Apart from the look and feel this is also designed to give-back up light when it is needed.Safety is inbuilt by design and is easy to use indoor.

Product Features:


  • 100% illu-mination back up light power for 3 hrs.
  • 50% illumination back-up light power for 6 hrs.
  • Study Light option in the beak for 18 hrs.
  • Green light in the Eyes will be blinking during charging and constant on charge completion.
  • Red Light in the Eyes indicates battery low/discharged condition and needs to be charged.


Lamp 40  LED – 3W
Main-Input By AC-DC Adopter, 9vdc, 1 Amp
Back-Up Source 3.7V,2600mAH Lithium-ion Battery rechargeable.
Operating Temperature  0 to 55ºC
Approx. Dimension  156x140x275mm
Approx. Weight  350 gms.
Light Coverage  Minimum 100sqft.
LED Life  Approx. 100000hrs
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