Toroidal Transformers


Toroidal Transformer offer many advantages over a conventional laminated transformer.Toroidal has a round shape with no air gaps,and with the primary and secondary windings uniformly ditributed around the core,"locks in" the magnetic field and makes the toroidal transformer very quiet and efficient.

Wire Harness


A cable harness, also known as a wire harness, cable assembly, wiring assembly or wiring loom, is a string of cables /wires which transmit informational signals or operating currents (energy).

SMPS Transformers

A switched-mode power supply (also switching-mode power supply, SMPS, or simply switcher) is an electronic power supply unit that incorporates a switching regulator in order to provide the required output voltage. The switch mode transformer is used in conjunction with the switching regulator to form a switch mode power supply.

E & I Transformers


Transformer refers to the static electromagnetic setting which can transfer power from one circuit to another one. In AC circuits, AC voltage, current and waveform can be transformed with the help of Transformers. Each transformation is usually to transfer from one circuit to another one by the way of electromagnetism, but it has no direct relation with this circuit. It also can be transformed through electromagnetism (electrical manner). This electromagnetism is known as auto-transformer.


Toroidal inductors and transformers are electronic components, typically consisting of a circular ring-shaped magnetic core of iron powder, ferrite, or other material around which wire is coiled to make an inductor. Toroidal coils are used in a broad range of applications, such as high-frequency coils and transformers.

Audio Line Matching Transformers

The purpose of this Transformer is to match the Impedance of the loudspeaker or a number of loudspeakers to the optimum load of the tube or transistor. In other words, the transformer transforms the Impedance of the speaker, so that the impedance which it presents to the primary winding is equal to the load of the Output stage active element (tube to transistor).

U I – Transformers – Flat Series


A range of high quality low profile encapsulated isolating transformers with twin 115V AC 50/60 HZ primary windings which may be connected in series for 230V or parallel for 115V operation designed for through hole soldering direct to printed circuit boards, mechanical fixing can be supplemented by 4 self tapping screws using holes moulded into the corner of the case.

Volume Control Audio Attenuator

Volume Controls are constructed with the help of 100V transformers . This control switch comes with 11 volume steps (10 regulator steps and 1-zero position) and besides this , they have a E/M relay (24VDC) which makes emergency announcements possible even if control is at position "0".

SMPS-Switch Mode Power Supply


High Quality, High Efficiency, Universal Input, Single/Multiple Output, enclosed switch mode power supplies with screw terminals. Ideal for using communication computer peripherals, audio equipments, test equipments, instrumentation and business machine.

Voltage Stabilizers


MIRACLE is a leading manufacturer of Voltage Stabilizers, having a wide range of different application products for consumer market as well as Industrial use. The in-house manufacturer of Toroidal Transformers has enabled the company to supply diversified products and meet the increasing demand of the market. With the latest computerized manufacturing Technology from Germany, Miracle is fast emerging as a leading manufacturer of exclusive range of Voltage Stabilizers for various Home appliances.

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